These Christmas street light decorations are powder coated for long lasting rust resistence. The mounting bracket and decoration have a combined weight of 20 lbs or less which makes it quick safe and easy to hang.

The bulbs face inward on the metal frame of the decoration, which prevents damage while handling.

You can now change to LED bulbs on your existing decorations, just unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new LED bulb and it is just that simple. If you wish to order LED bulbs please order through SaskPower Municipal Seasonal Lighting program that provides free LED bulbs by contacting 1-888-757-6937.

Delivery of decorations other than by transport is available, please feel free to inquire.

Custom decorations can be created, please contact for information. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Wreath lights

Wreath tails down lights

Wreath 2-ways


Tails inside 6' x 6'

Tails down 6' x 9'


You can change the tail position

at your convenience



Wreath frame

Wreath tails down

Candle with Holder

Candle w/holder

5' x 8' - $525.00


Candle with Holder frame


6' x 6' - $525.00




5' x 8' - $525.00



Candy Cane

4' x 8' - $525.00


blue candle


2' x 8' - $345.00


blue candle


6' x 6' - $345.00



Mounting Bracket

2' x 5' - included in price of decoration
Decoration attached to bracket with hose clamps.
Bracket attached to steel light standard with hose clamps.
Bracket attached to wood pole with lag bolts.


The light colour of all decorations can be changed on request.

Photos from Kipling, SK.

Kipling, SKKipling, SK

Kipling, SKKipling, SK

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